Justin Cornett

APPALACHIAN region coordinator

Justin Cornett is the Regional Coordinator for the Appalachian Region LP and the Tri-Cities Grassroots Coordinator for the Americans for Prosperity. In his free time, Justin likes playing basketball, arguing politics, and enjoying nature.

As a former constitutional conservative turned Libertarian, Justin brings a constitutionality into all of his assessments of public policy and believes returning the country to constitutional principals is our best path forward.


chris silver


Chris Silver is the Regional Coordinator for the Knoxville region Libertarian Party and a proud father of two children. With years of experience in management, Chris is a firm believer in personal and economic liberty. Chris' goals are to restore our freedoms and correct our economy with a Constitutionally-limited government. Chris is a ardent supporter of the Second Amendment and the Freedoms of Speech and Religion. He is passionate about the "Seven Generation" principle with hopes of educating and inspiring others along the way.


brandon hughes

knox county coordinator

Brandon works as the Knox County Secretary to attract, recruit, and mentor new members to the ETNLP and to support and spread the Libertarian vision. He currently operates as the Knox County Secretary for the ETNLP and a Ballot Access Coordination Advocate. Contributing writer with the Recuro Media Team. Assists on the Tech Team. Also works as a Application Administrator at SAIC. He enjoys advancing libertarian philosophy, community, the virtues of character, and self-governance. Brandon believes in enriching the hearts and minds of those he meets through positive encouragement of their value as individuals and team-members. Blogs at www.hotcrowd.wordpress.com