The chairmen of the major counties in East Tennessee have joined forces to form the East Tennessee Libertarian Party. As such, we will be hosting monthly meetings for members, recruitment events, and local activism events. Not to mention, we will also be partnering with organizations such as The RECURO Initiative to mobilize and make a real impact on East Tennessee politics. 

Details on these events and how you can get involved will come through our Facebook Group, via our Facebook Page, and via our mailing list. You can get connected to the mailing list by filling out the form below:

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The Libertarian Party of Tennessee is working towards gaining ballot access in the State of Tennessee. This will allow Libertarian political candidates to be listed as "Libertarians" on the ballot. Currently, Tennessee does not recognize Libertarians and will only list them as "Independents" in elections. It is critical for voters that all parties are represented in our political process.

To be recognized on the ballot in Tennessee the Legislature requires 56,083 valid signatures of registered voters. Generally, petition collectors are advised to collect twice the number of required signatures to ensure they have the required number of signatures after invalid signatures are excluded. With this in mind, we really need over 112,000 signatures. 

When signing, it is very important that the information on the petition matches the information in the voter's voter registration record. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Chris Silver at

We can run with an L in counties and districts where we receive 2.5% of county total votes from the last gubernatorial race election results. This will be critical for those running in County or District races.

Download and use the County petition sheet in areas where we have a candidate running or plans to run for office in a county.

After someone signs the county sheet, ask them to sign the state sheet also. If there are no candidates running in your county, still work on getting signatures for the State sheet as you normally have.


We need volunteers passionate about liberty! From letter writing to legislation research, we have a variety of positions that are ready to be filled. If you're interested in donating some of your time, please complete the form below:

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I would like to help the East Tennessee Libertarian Party by pledging to do the following tasks:
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The ETNLP started off as a coalition between the Clairborne, Knox, Anderson, Loudon, Blount, Washington, and Sevier Libertarian Parties. However, it encompasses much more.

The map above represents the area of responsibility for the East Tennessee Libertarian Party. Areas of grey represent counties without leadership, areas of yellow represent counties with leadership and activity.

If you are in one of the grey counties and wish to get involved, please contact the LPTN Liaison Justin Cornett at