The Libertarian Party stands apart from Republicans and Democrats in its commitment to balancing a budget. We reject increased taxation and spending in favor of reduced spending. By reducing the amount a government spends, we retake control of our pocketbooks.



We take an extraordinarily broad view of personal liberties. We believe that, what faith you choose to follow, who you choose to love, and what and how much you consume, is your completely your choice. Libertarians believe individuals are the best judge of what is best for their own lives. Government should not involve itself in these affairs.


3) The Non Aggression Principle

Libertarians apply the Non-Aggression Principle to governments as well as individuals. We demand our state institutions behave ethically and we reject the initiation of force by an individual or a government. And just as rejecting aggression does not preclude us from defending ourselves personally, our government has the power to defend the nation from aggression.



Provided there is no transgression of the Non-Aggression Principle, the behaviors in which consenting adults choose to engage, is none of the government’s business. The Libertarian Party accepts and welcomes all individuals and fights every day to expand liberty for everyone.



The Tenth Amendment provides the strongest institutional barrier to the expansion of federal intrusion in our lives. Libertarians believe first and foremost in individual liberty. The use of state level apparatus to guard against the growing power of the federal government is key to securing maximum freedom.


6) personal responsibility

Personal responsibility is the price we gladly pay for liberty. Libertarians believe individuals should make their own choices in business and in their personal lives and bear the full responsibility of their actions. Our commitment to the freedom of choice for individuals is not an endorsement of any specific behavior; it is an endorsement of freedom itself.


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